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  1. Why should you take your first step in your medical treatment in Ukraine at DVB SP Health and Medical Care?
  2. Why chose us as your access point to treatment in Ukraine?
  3. And why trust us with your health and wellbeing?

To answer these questions, allow me to explain what our company is today;

DVB SP Health and Medical Care is a unique complete one stop solution in the medical tourism sector of Ukraine that aims to:


  1. Allow you easy access to quality affordable medical treatment; we make sure that you get treatment for yourself and loved ones by the best medical care providers in Ukraine, and place you in front of the most outstanding reputable medical experts in Ukraine and Europe.
  2. Provide complete medical and non-medical concierge services; that starts from you acquiring your visa, airport pick-up and see-off, accommodation, medical insurance, organizing convalescent care during recuperation and many other aspects related to your treatment and visit to Ukraine.
  3. Manage your paperwork with insurance company or your employer; if your treatment is covered by your insurance or employer, or even if you are not sure of that, we'll handle it to reach a satisfactory outcome for you.
  4. Assist you in getting access to reasonable treatment financing solutions.

In simple words; we want to help you restore your health, without worries!

I believe we are the best option, as we are second to none in quality of our services, and we take pride in our commitment to excellence and dedication to serve and benefit our patients.

DVB SP Health and Medical Care is the choice of many patients who seek medical treatment abroad, and particularly in Ukraine. It is our wish and privilege to become your choice as well.


Vernon B. Dennis
Chief Executive Officer

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SPML Surgery:

Stem Cell Treatments


Infertility Treatment


Orthopedic Surgery

Cerebral Palsy Surgery "SPML"

Dental Care

Dental Implant


Plastic Surgery

Breast Enlargement

Nose Reshaping

Dental care 2

Dental Treatment

Treatments include bridges, crowns, dental implants and much more for quality but affordable dental care.

Dental Treatment

Infertility treatment

Infertility Treatment

Complex of advanced medical treatments, coordinated to provide solutions for infertility.

Infertility Treatment

Stem cell treatments

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell therapy is a modern treatment regulated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine since 2008.

Stem Cell Treatment

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