Dental Implant

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Dental Implant

Your teeth are your appearance. Your smile is the passage of others attraction. What if you loose that all with a missing tooth. Time to shape up your missing tooth to attain normality back in your daily life. Your teeth are such an important part of your body, biologically and more importantly in appearance.

One of your missing tooth can leads to many severe complications, such as headache, strains in muscles, and more importantly your physical appearance. Don’t miss this all with a missing tooth. Fix your missing tooth to fix a happy, healthy and organized life.

Many factors can be the cause in your tooth lose. If your tooth lost crown, the visible part in your jaw, then problem can be solve easily by repairing it or replacing completely. In other case if you lost your entire tooth then problem is severe and dealt accordingly. Loosing entire tooth is a serious issue due to stability of jaw which is holding your teeth intact. Loosing a tooth with it’s roots mean loosing a strong foundation of your teeth. This can leads to lost another tooth by shifting initially and lost at the end.

We offers “Dental Implants” services in Ukraine within affordable price tag. Either it’s crowning of your tooth or complete replacement with an another tooth.

Get in touch with our representatives to attain further useful information about different procedures of Dental Implants.

Our experience and highly professional staff will guide you all the way with all necessary procedures. Our aim to provide best centers with highly experienced Doctors, and Dental Implant procedures to our clients. Your health is our first priority. Good teeth will give you a healthy life and longuivity.

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Multiple Teeth Implant

When several teeth next to each other are missing, then order to keep them together need a bridge supported by implants. In this case, two or more implants would give support to a third unit, or longer bridge. The number of implants supporting the bridge is dependent to the location of the bridge inside your mouth. Number of Implants varies in different procedures in different patients. Study shows that if more than one teeth missing in patients anterior jaw then bridging is better than having many single Implants. we provide an effective multiple teeth implant bridge for our patients here in Ukraine, who have multiple missing teeth.

Our team of Specialist Doctors can assess your teeth thoroughly and make an informed decision. We are proudly providing expert dental solutions to our patients which are both realistically utmost necessary within their affordability. We understand how important it is for your teeth to appear natural and remain functional, that is why Our Experienced Doctors work closely with our laboratory technicians to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

For more detailed information about our Teeth Implants or our Multiple Teeth Implant & Bridge, get in touch with our knowledge full staff.

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What if someone’s tooth is all Missing?

If teeth stay intact and lasts forever, its amazingly wonderful news for folks, but this is not the case very often. In case all the teeth of a person start to fall out or get missing, they feel there is no solution to this serious problem except dentures. That is not the only way to solve this problem. Dental Implants are the complete modern cure to this serious issue.

There are many reasons which could lead to the losses of all your teeth. It could be caused by poor diet or poor oral hygiene care. When adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day as recommended medically, then plaque can grow on or between their teeth. As plaque builds up, cavities start to form because of bacteria eating away the enamel on the teeth.

Another thing that could cause tooth loss is, if a person doesn’t visit the dentist regularly. They might be afraid that they will have expensive treatments that they cannot afford, if they go to the dentist and unfortunately, that can damage their oral health.

Dental implants are solution for those who are missing all of their teeth. With dental implants fixed in a person’s mouth, they can again have a full set of fixed teeth as they had in the past. Dental implants are utterly different from dentures. Dentures are removable from the mouth at person’s will while dental implants remain in the mouth permanently. Once a person has a dental implant, they no longer have to worry about the shame of not to have missing teeth. They will be able to talk, eat, and laugh without worrying about how their mouth will look like.

A Dental Bridge is a solution that can be used to keep Implants intact. We are providing quality Dental Implants in Ukraine within affordable prices.

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Full Mouth Fixed Bridge

What is a Full Mouth Fixed Bridge?

A full mouth fixed bridge would be fixed over dental implants, usually 6 or 8, and it is not removable. It can be done on a patient’s full mouth jaw, so there are no worries about having to remove the bridge or about having the bridge fall out at an inappropriate time.

This can be used to replace a tooth or teeth when there are one or more of them missing. It will look similar to a person’s natural teeth. A fixed bridge is a permanent solution to teeth loss. It will help a person’s face to attain their natural shape.

Our experienced Doctors are fully trained to fix them with modern technology and materials.

A full mouth fixed bridge is not an option for every dental patient. This option is undertaken by dentists only if there is enough tissue and gum in a patient’s mouth to hold the arch. It is a great option for those patients who want look natural.

If you are interested in getting a full mouth fixed bridge, You can ask treatment guideline from our expertise staff. If you have suffered bone loss, you will be require to have bone grafting done in order to build up your bone in your jaw. If the bone loss is not too severe, you can get grafting done on arrival in one of our centers. If the bone loss is severe, then it might take little longer to make a base, because in that case healing process will take some time. Our aim is provide you a complete and comfortable treatment, that you can enjoy a healthy and natural life ahead.

Contact us for a qualitative and cost effective Dental Implants & Bridges treatment in our advanced centers here in Ukraine.

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Dental Implants Consultations & Treatment

At our consultation center, you will be observed by our Implantologist. At this point the implantologist will ask a number of questions relating to your medical and and as well as dental history, and will discuss with you what your expectations are regarding your Implant treatment.

What Happens at the Implant Consultation?

The Implantologist will make a complete clinical examination of your mouth and will also make x-ray and CT Scan for further plans of Implant Treatment.

CT Scan is utterly important aspect on this point to allowing Implantologist have clear picture of the condition of your teeth or area in your mouth where tooth was before. The CT scan will help the implantologist to construct an accurate treatment plan avoiding damage to important structures like nerves, arteries or vessels and also to attain important information about pathological factors. The CT scan will give the Implantologist important information about the bone volume and density in areas where a Dental Implant is planned to be placed. This will also avoid surprises regarding hidden costs about possible additional treatments that could be necessary in the future in order to successfully complete an Implant.

Our mission here at Our Implant Center In Ukraine is to make things for you hassle free as much as possible. At Consultation your questions, queries and any fears you may have about the procedure will be answered by our fully trained and certified Implantologists. We believe in strong communication and a straight forward approach with everything starting from the initial appointment till to the end of completion of treatment.

Once the consultation is completed, our Implantologist will create a full treatment plan that will be extensively narrated to you, and our Implant Coordinator will cover every aspect related to the cost of the proposed treatment and explain our terms and conditions. Your implant coordinator will always be on hand to answer any questions you have, no matter big or small.

It is possible that our Implantologist will might offer you more than one implant options if it is clinically suitable to do so. These alternatives will vary depending on the patients limitations regarding the cost, length of treatment, complexity and treatment sequence (number of visits and intervals) thus offering more options and greater peace of mind. These alternatives will also be discussed at your consultation.

Our commitment is to send you a full treatment plan covering all options and associated costs either by mail or personally at your consultation appointment.

Get A World Class Dental Implants & Bridges Treatment within Affordable Prices In Ukraine

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Why CT Scan & X-Rays are that much Important?

CT scans and x-rays are the tools we use to diagnose problems with teeth, jaw bones, the sinus, some of the soft tissues and some facial nerves. They are also used to assess areas of the mouth structurally for dental work, make essential measurements when planning certain treatment and show us any imperfections, infections or anatomical anomalies which will change the way we perform your Implant treatment.

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Implant Process

The process of having Dental Implants has changed dramatically over the past few years, technology has progressed and improved, techniques have been developed and materials are of a fantastic standard. These changes mean that embarking on Dental Implants is now a very low risk and remarkably simple process with very positive results. For the average implant there are a maximum of just 3 stages which can involve as few as 4 or 5 visits. Please take a look below at the stages in more detail.

Stage 1: Consultation

This is the most important stage; it allows us to examine the patient and check that an implant is safe to perform, clinically viable and the best course of action for the patient to replace their lost teeth. At this stage we are able to educate the patient on their treatment and ensure the patient is making the correct decision according to their circumstances. You can use this appointment to ask all questions you need to help you to make your choice. This appointment usually lasts for about 1 hour and is completely free for you to decide which treatment you choose for yourself.

Stage 2: Implant Placement

The implant can be fitted as soon as you decide to go ahead with the treatment. It involves a short surgical procedure under a local anaesthetic. The implant is fitted and will be left to fuse into to the bone for a recommended period based on the type of treatment you are having. After the surgery you may experience some pain, discomfort or slight swelling this varies from person to person and you will be provided with all of the medication you need to minimize any of the above. The appointment duration and cost will vary on the number of implants you have done.

Stage 3: Uncover & Fitting

At the third stage the Implant is uncovered and precise measurements are made to prepare your final crown or prosthesis. You will have impressions, measurements and x-rays taken to make sure that everything fits and functions properly. At this stage you can discuss the aesthetics with your dentist so you can have the exact look you want. These appointments again will vary in length and cost as to the type of treatment you have done.

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Sedation & Anaesthetics

Sedation is available for people with a real fear or anxiety; it is a procedure that helps patients to relax and may be appropriate for people who are:

  1. Unable to relax
  2. Have a gag reflex
  3. Phobia of the dentist

There is always a risk in anesthesia. It is usually safe, though, when given by an experienced dentist anesthesiologist, who is specially trained to give all levels of sedation.

People most at risk are those who are obese or who have obstructive sleep symptoms, should talk to their doctor before having sedation. That’s because they are more likely to develop complications from the anesthesia.

The anesthesiologist would call to speak to you a few days before you treatment was due to take place, they would them meet you at the clinic an hour before your procedure and stay with you during and after the procedure and during the recovery period. You would also need someone to meet you after the procedure to take you home.

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Dental Implants Aftercare

Day to day care of your Dental Implants

Good general maintenance of your implant throughout the years is essential to it’s overall success and longevity. Please take a look at the following tips for taking a good care of your Dental Implant.


The days following the surgery

A good aftercare program is key to our relationship with our patients, we want you to feel confident and well informed about the procedures and their after effects before you start and well cared for and relaxed after your treatment. We will always be available by phone or email to answer your questions and give you advice on anything that you aren’t sure about.


It is very important to understand that after your Implant Surgery you will have to adapt your lifestyle for the first week in order to achieve the best desired results in healing and to ensure your implant is allowed to settle into the bone without disruption.


You will need to consider some aspects as under:

  1. To avoid drinking or eating hot food.
  2. You will be require to avoid heavy exercise for at least a week after the surgery.
  3. You will be given a full list of post operative instructions after your surgery and these will be explained to you in detail.
  4. You will also be given any medication that you need in order to avoid infection and ease pain or discomfort in the first few days.


Keep your teeth and Implants clean

As simple as it sounds a good oral hygiene regime will really help to avoid problems. If your Implants are covered by a crown or a bridge then brush them as you would do your natural teeth; using floss or interdental brushes will really help you reach the areas your toothbrush can’t. If your Implants are uncovered and you are using an over denture you need to remove your denture daily and clean the gums and implants gently as well as giving your denture a good scrub to remove food particles.


If you are grinder at night then you must use a bite guard,wear overnight to provide you a buffering surface at night.


A mouth guard can also be use if you are doing regular sports activity which can risk a trauma to the mouth. A mouth guard can protect your teeth and Implants by reducing breaks,fractures,chips or movement cause by an impact.


Regular hygiene visits

As well as carrying out your normal Dental routine at home it is also essential to have a professional clean by a qualified hygienist at least every year if not six months. A hygienist uses special tools to clean closely and gently under the gum without causing damages to the tooth or implant structure, this cleaning will remove any plaque or tartar deposits which can irritate the gum and eventually contribute to gum disease and possible Implant Failure.


Teeth are our treasures, Keep them intact with our advance Dental Implant centers here in Ukraine within your affordability.

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