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If you have been trying with your loved one to get pregnant by making love frequently for over one or more years, than you might be (as a couple) having fertility problems, that you need to diagnose and gets treatment. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to conceive within the second year or the years after, and fortunately medical treatment can help you in that.


Fertility problems aren’t uncommon in our days; in the United State alone about 12%-15% of couples are infertile. That may be caused by only one of the two partners or both. It is important to consider the age factor during treatment, as women are at the peak of their fertility between the age of 24-28 years, and decreases after 35 years, in addition to higher miscarriage risk.


So what may cause Infertility for a couple in their fertile ages?

→ There are almost about 50% of women Infertility cases which are caused by problems with their reproductive system.

→ There are about 35% of men Infertility caused by problems with their reproductive system.

→ About 5% is caused by rare unusual problems and 10% by unknown, unidentifiable factors.


Here at DVB SP Medical and Health Care, we ensure you access to quality Infertility treatment for both men and women in Ukraine.


Our range of treatments includes:

  1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  2. Stem Cell Fertility treatment
  3. Surrogacy Programs

and many more. Just contact us now to get the treatment you need for yourself, your loved one, and for a new life.

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