Stem Cell Treatment

new chapter in modern medicine

Stem Cell Research and Treatment in Ukraine

The study and production of biological products like (drugs) from cells of animals and humans are conducted within the framework of the state scientific programs under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Ministry of Health, the Coordination Center for transplantation of organs, tissues and cells of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Over the last 15 years, in clinical practice in countries around the world, they have found wide application, and hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood, which in many respects are superior to hematopoietic cells of the bone marrow.


Unfortunately, for those who will read this, the opportunity to have your own stem cells from umbilical blood cord will not be possible. But your children will and should be given the chance to keep their umbilical blood cord.


Let it be kept all his life, may they never uses it, but if there will be an accident, they would have a chance, it will be given back to them in the form of treatment .


Stem cells - today and in the future will be the basis for the treatment of many diseases. But they can be collect only once in a lifetime and it’s at birth. Letting this moment go, you will forever deprive your children a unique and irreplaceable source of their health.

Currently in the world, stem cells have been successfully used clinically in the treatment of more than 70 diseases.

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Treatment Complex

Treatment Protocol and Stem Cell Therapy Complex
Our stem cell center applies complete treatment protocol, consisting of three major therapies naming Ozone, Membrane Plasmapheresis and Tissue and cell.


A. Ozone Therapy 

is not a new modern medical method of treatment but the path to health and beauty;

B. Membrane Plasmapheresis 

Clean basis healthy and long life

C. Tissue and Stem Cell Therapy 

Brand new section in modern medicine.

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Disease and Conditions for Which the Treatment Complex Applied

  1. Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2.
  2. Multiple Sclerosis.
  3. Parkinson's disease.
  4. Alzheimer's disease.
  5. Condition after acute cerebral circulatory disorders.
  6. Condition after acute myocardial infarction.
  7. Chronic hepatitis, liver failure.
  8. Infertility male and female (treatment invited wallpaper wife).
  9. Cycle disorders, inflammation of the sexual sphere.
  10. Osteoarthritis and arthritis of the knee.
  11. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  12. Psoriasis.
  13. Vitiligo.
  14. Venous leg ulcers.
  15. Scleroderma different etiologies.

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A. Ozone Therapy

not only a medical treatment – it’s the way to good health.

Who among us doesn’t remember how to breathe easily after a storm, especially in the woods? The air has a special flavor, which when inhaled; you feel that cheerfulness, a surge of strength, which improve your mood and well-being. It's the smell of ozone.


In medicine, ozone is used with strict dose concentrations in a mixture with medical oxygen. This treatment is called ozone therapy.


This drug-free treatment has a 100-year-old experience in many countries. After receiving official approval by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, ozone therapy is recommended for use throughout the country.


Ozone therapy is well tolerated by patients and practically, it has almost no side effects and has high medical efficiency.


 The unique properties of ozone are manifested even when applied topically to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Ozone interaction with cell membranes increases their permeability to ozonize and peroxides, resulting to lipid peroxidation, which react with intracellular substances and destroys microorganisms. Thus, ozone for therapeutic action similar antibiotics, and sometimes it surpasses them, but advantageously different from them in that, it has no side effects, no damaging effect on the liver cells and kidney. In addition, unlike antibiotics, which suppress the human immune system, ozone is a natural immune-modulator that recovers all immunologic parameters to normal. Therefore, the stimulation of immunity ozone is the basis of prevention of acute respiratory diseases and flu.


Ozone also has a systematic effect on the body: it restores oxygen-transport function of blood microcirculation and enhances the peripheral blood circulation by improving the ductility and relative mobility of erythrocytes to each other, as well as the vascular dilatation under the effect of nitric oxide production is increased during ozone therapy. Ozone regulates the pro - and antioxidant systems of the body, stimulates blood formation, improves the metabolism of fats, proteins, carbohydrates (bio-energetic effect), activates the production of biologically active substances, has analgesic and detoxification effect (oxidize and excrete toxic substances). It must be taken into account when carrying out, for example, rehabilitation treatment for persons affected by the Chernobyl accident. The same principle of ozone therapy is used in the recovery of the body after radiation - and chemotherapy.


In the application of ozone in patients, with additionally treating the underlying disease, marked:

• Improvement in vision
• Hearing and potency
• Stabilizes blood pressure
• Fatigue passes.


Ozone is widely used in gerontological practice, thus there is a rejuvenation of the body, there is a burst of energy, increases efficiency and improves the quality of life.


 Study and clinical proof of the high efficiency of ozone therapy allows us to widely use it in various pathologies:

• Upper respiratory tract and lung infections (inactivation of viruses, bacteria, treatment of hepatitis, ulcerative colitis),
• Gynecology, skin diseases, cosmetology (cellulitis, eczema, piodermity, dermatitis, etc.),
• Surgery (osteomyelitis, burns, bedsores, trophic ulcers, disorders of peripheral blood circulation),
• Gastroenterology, urology, neurology.


Ozone has proven itself when used in the treatment of:

• Diabetes mellitus,
• Multiple sclerosis,
• Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
• Joint diseases,
• Conditions that may occur after a stroke and many other diseases are difficult to treat in the traditional way.

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B. Membrane Plasmapheresis

a net basis, long and healthy life

With food, water and air in the human body, it is constantly getting rid of tens of thousands of unnecessary and even poisonous substances. In the fight with them are increasingly weakening the protection system and the correction of the internal environment which are: the organs of detoxification and immunity deducing.


In addition to direct toxic effects of these substances cause serious metabolic disorders. It forms a vicious circle, which within itself cannot be broken by the body. Even with medication, that leads to the formation of many chronic and practically incurable diseases. The very fact of their appearance indicates the absence of natural forces to combat disease.


Most diseases associated with the violation of the internal organs of the body and causing severe chronic illness when conventional therapies are powerless. Prescribed medicines help to smooth only symptoms.


Abroad, this method has been successfully applied and preventative purpose - "to improve the quality of life", it especially gained popularity among people whose work involves a lot of emotional and physical stress, and whose working day is irregular in nature. For example business people, educators, shift workers and etc.


Americans gave the clearest definition of membrane Plasmapheresis:

Just like a self-respectable housewife once a week do general cleaning up of her apartment, so a self-respectable person should once a year clean up their own body

Methods for membrane Plasmapheresis are shown in all pathological conditions requiring correction of the composition of the plasma, blood cells, and immune disorders.


Plasmapheresis removes blood from microbes and toxins, circulating immune complexes, metabolites, and defective components disrupted cells, hormones, and other toxic and biologically active substances.


Membrane Plasmapheresis procedures:

• triggers the activation of the body's defenses,

• regulates metabolism,

• activates tissue protein,

• iron stores, and other plastic materials.

• removes the process of inflammation and swelling of the tissues,

• frees the neuromuscular endings involved in the work of organs and systems.

• improves the blood flow to all the cells of the internal organs and skin.

• normalizes the work of digestive organs (pancreas, intestine),

• improves the function of the liver,

• improve the function of kidneys,

• increases the overall tone of the body and resistance to physical stress.


It refreshes the body not only inside but also outside, which is important: improving the structure and appearance of the skin.


Particularly well established, this method is in combination with ozone therapy, as well as the method of preparation at the stem cell and tissue therapy in the treatment of:

• diabetes mellitus,

• multiple sclerosis,

• rheumatoid arthritis,

• infarction,

• acute cerebrovascular and other recalcitrant to treatment of diseases.


It should be noted that Membrane Plasmapheresis is performed and conditionally healthy people as to the prevention and asset-foot extension of longevity.


The treatment usually consists of 3 - 5 consecutive procedures in a day or two days later by a third, that is, it lasts about two to three weeks.


Blood purification using membrane Plasmapheresis – It’s a great happiness to be healthy, it is freedom from toxins present in the body. It is, finally, a net basis, healthy life.


This is a list of clinical conditions, which is showing the use of the methods of sorption therapy and Plasmapheresis membrane:


1. Diseases with immune disorders mainly immune-complex nature:

• Cardio-vascular system.

• Respiratory diseases.

• Gastrointestinal disease.

• Liver disease.

• Endocrine diseases.

• Kidney disease.

• Skin autoimmune diseases.

• Systemic connective tissue diseases.

• Eye diseases.

• Allergic diseases.

• Nervous system disease.


2. Nosological forms and syndromes that occur with predominantly vascular lesions:

• Atherosclerosis.

• Pathological menopause

• Burns

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C. Tissue and Stem Cell Therapy

A completely new chapter of modern medicine

The idea to treat - cells has nearly a century of history and emerged almost immediately, as they were identified and obtained the first human embryonic cell cultures and animals. The discovery of stem cells has produced a revolution in medicine. After all, they have properties such as the ability to migrate and replace the defective cells and tissues secrete a lot of biologically active substances that stimulate the recovery of the body.


It is with the stem cell therapy that have given us high hopes for a cure of incurable diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, rehabilitation conditions after a stroke, myocardial infarction, hepatitis, cirrhosis and cardiomyopathy.


In recent years, hematopoietic stem cells began to be apply and for the treatment of other non-hematological diseases. These diseases are associated typically with the dysfunction of the immune system (including autoimmune component) - rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, have resistant to the treatment of arthritis. and diabetes.


Thus, the list of diseases that have been successfully treated with stem cells in the clinic is replenished every day. The results are encouraging and hopes are in the heart of many terminally ill people.


For example, the cell therapy of diabetes has been known for more than 30 years. Fundamental work on the allocation of pancreatic islets (sections of pancreatic tissue) containing beta-cells that produce insulin, have their origin in 1967.


The use of cell technologies for the treatment of liver disease also has a 30-year history. In those days, still little was known about stem cells and, therefore, they used adult liver cells - hepatocytes for the treatment of serious conditions such as cirrhosis, hereditary gene defects, toxic and viral hepatitis. Carrying out these procedures allow patients to get out of severe hepatic coma and recover.


Several years ago, it was discovered and in other stems cells what is known as small hepatocytes (liver can create an entire slice) and epithelial cells of the bile ducts.


When studying the potential of embryonic stem cells (blastocysts) and others (adult) stem cells, it was established that they can be converted into hepatocytes. That is, get enough (for cell replacement therapy) functioning hepatocytes from other sources.


Thus, the study of liver stem cells and their use in cell therapy is rapidly developing in area of modern biomedicine, having a clear perspective and the way forward.


How cell therapy is carried out. After carrying out inspection and collecting the anamnesis, the decision on application of these or those cages is made. Introduction of cellular material is the painless procedure which is carried out on an outpatient basis in sterile conditions, intravenously, intramuscularly, intra-articularly, hypodermically.


Certain religious and ethical conventions, the cost of treatment and technical difficulties of the production of biological products, the insufficient scientific information support created a set of ignorant publications and unreasonable prejudices round this medical direction.


As a rule, patients observe that after the introduction of the suspension of stem cells;

→ There is an activation of functional systems of an organism,

→ Inflow of forces,

→ Increase of the general vitality,

→ Reduction of weakness and slackness is felt,

→ Night dream improve,

→ Fast restoration of forces after short-term rest,

→ Memory on the current events, concentration of attention and sharpness of thinking improves,

→ It characteristically increases the sexual desire in both sexes and the sexual potency in men,

→ The metabolism is normalized, so along with the appetite which is increase and the excess weight of the body is reduce in harmonization according to age and state of health,

→ There is normalization of emotional background, depressive moods are stopped,

→ Volitional processes are mobilized, increasing thirst for intellectual and creative activity,

→ The syndrome of chronic fatigue is removed,

→ Immunity to catarrhal diseases and stressful situations are increase.


With long-term observations, patients who completed a rejuvenation course notice that they are significantly different in their appearance from their age-mates who grew old for these years.


The stabilization of the age and quality of life is the usual forecast of this technology. Several injections can really reclaim the loss of 5-10 years!


Cellular or regenerative therapy yielded a qualitatively new clinical result in various fields of medicine:

→ Gerontology,

→ Oncology,

→ Gynecology,

→ Immunology,

→ Endocrinology,

→ Cardiology,

→ Neurology and Neurosurgery, etc.


In the treatment of diseases of different etiology, the method of cellular therapy gives positive results, even if the diagnosis is like a death sentence, and the disease is considered incurable.


The basis of cellular therapy is the presence of the drug used in the cord blood stem cells, as well as numerous low-molecular proteins, hormones and growth factors in human. In further reference to the whole complex, we will call it biological product.


Stem cells are an organism fundamental principle, from them there are about 220 types of specialized cells and tissues.


They are contained in large amounts in umbilical bone marrow in human embryos, placental complex in the bone marrow of adults.


Their main features are their ability to self-renewal. That is, the stem cells are theoretically immortal.


In fact, as a result of infections, trauma, hereditary disorders, environmental hazards, emotional stresses stem cells lose their ability to endless regeneration and exactly from this event the processes of aging or development of long-term diseases, stopping the processes of the division of stem cells.


If at birth their content is 1 stem cell for 10 thousand, then in 50 years there will be 1 stem cell for half a million, and 70 years one stem cell per million hematopoietic cells.


The process of obtaining stem cells for therapeutic purposes is the most expensive part of modern medical technology and, therefore, biological products worldwide are considered valuable and elite medicine.


Today an effective method of receiving stem cells from an umbilical blood is that the blood remains in an umbilical cord and a placenta after birth. Modern technologies allow us to prepare these cells for treatment of many diseases.


When injected into the patient's body cells are affected organs, so-called target organs in which they migrate and provide a powerful upgrade of the whole biological structures, normalize metabolic processes, leading to compliance with the immune status of the body and stimulate anti-tumor factors.


Stem cells actively carry out the most important role. It replaces the sick old decrepit cells of the body, rejuvenate it, and do to it what no prescribe drug is capable of doing.


The introduction of cell suspension into an adult organism and engraftment of stem cells in aging and pathologically altered cells of the body creates a unique situation where the cells and organs of an adult organism begin to continuously operate the most powerful factors of the development, updating and maintenance functions, which can only be in nature.


Due to this biological product (drug) in their complex action, they:

→ Normalize and stimulate metabolism;

→ Increase the activity of the immune and neuroendocrine systems;

→ Delay premature aging, multi-function rejuvenating the body;

→ Have a pronounced therapeutic effect in a wide range of diseases.

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