Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment

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Without exaggeration, Diabetes occupies one of the most dramatic pages of modern medicine. It is among the top medical conditions in causing disabilities and elevating mortality levels.


Diabetes is at the light spot of national health services in all countries worldwide. The condition is characterized as an uncontrolled increase of glucose in the body, either after a meal or before, due to absolute or partial insulin deficiency, that destabilize metabolism and lead to pathological changes in various organs and tissues.


Diabetes Cell Therapy

In treating diabetes mellitus (type 1&2) we use stem cell transplant technology. This method proved effective in treating both types of diabetes and managing their complications. Stem cell treatment can also decrees the negative impact on other organs and systems (heart, blood vessels, liver, eyes, kidneys and etc.).


The main results expected after successful treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus include:

→ Regaining body insulin sensitivity

→ Increasing blood vessels elasticity

→ Decreasing hyperglycemia

→ Decreasing hyperinsulinemia


The main results expected after successful treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus include:

→ Restoring Beta cells (β cells) functionality

→ Stop functional Beta cells destruction

→ Stop cell mediated immunity aggression toward Beta cells

→ Prohibit destructive effects on organs caused by diabetes


Children Treatments

In treating children suffering from diabetes, time can be very important factor. Starting stem cell treatment within the first couple of months after diagnoses can effectively suppress autoimmune aggression toward Beta cells.


Diabetes stem cell treatment for children (especially at an early stage) can be effective in:

→ Maintaining Beta cell activity

→ Enhance immune system activity

→ Easier condition management

→ Managing and preventing the escalation of diabetes complications


General Improvements

Stem cell treatment for diabetes can also cause general improvements experienced by patients with both type 1 & 2. The treatment can be expected to:

→ Normalize metabolism

→ Increase sexual potency

→ Eliminate weakness chronic fatigue syndrome

→ Eliminate pathological depression and mood swings

→ Boost immune system activity


If you are considering stem cell treatment for diabetes, just contact us and tell us about your case.

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