Our Fees and Payment

what we charge for and how do you pay

We don’t request any payments for initial consultation, medical records review, pre-arrival consultation, or any other services beside the standard 10% deposit for visa confirmation.


We also provide medical invitation and post it to you FREE of charge, along with visa support services and directly contact the Ukrainian embassy in your country to insure smooth visa process.


We charge for the services that we provide, not for the medical treatment itself, you can view our Services For Patients to have a better idea about what we do.


• Initial Deposit

When you successfully submit your visa application to the embassy of Ukraine in your country, we request 10% deposit of medical treatment estimate to be made enable for the medical care provider to provide confirmation for the issuance of invitation letter. The deposit is refundable (minus transaction fees) if visa application was denied by the consular services at the embassy, and none-refundable credited towards the final charge after successful visa application.


• Second Deposit

After patient arrive to Ukraine and go through medical examination, consultations, analysis and receive treatment recommendation; if he/she decides to go forward with the medical treatment then, the estimated balance (90%) should be paid. We guarantee rapid repayment of excess advance payments.


Our clients benefit from lower treatment charges from the medical care provider, and complete services that allow them to receive treatment with comfort.


• Example

You can review the following example to understand possible costs and payment for them:

Stem Cell Treatment For Type 1 Diabetes (for one patient + one companion)

Duration: 14 days


→ Complete medical consultation

→ Medical analysis

→ Stem cell treatment

→ Complete treatment records

Medical concierge services:

→ Pre-arrival consultation

→ Medial invitation issuance and delivery

→ Visa support services

→ Airport pick-up + see-off with private vehicle

→ Housing and accommodations organization

→ Medical complication insurance

→ Medical translator during treatment and patient escort during analysis and treatment sessions

→ City sightseeing

→ 24/7 Phone support

→ Medical records translation and legalization

Total cost: $100

Required deposit after acquiring visa: $10

Required balance after treatment recommendation: $90


Our fees ensure you not only access to excellent healthcare, but also complete round the clock services, tailored to fit your needs, make your treatment stress-free and your stay in Ukraine a pleasant experience.

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