Services For Patients

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Services For Patients

We believe that your medical treatment in Ukraine should be in harmony with a complete medical concierge as well as variety of other services, that all comes together to guarantee you not only successful treatment, but also ease the process and makes it pleasant and comfortable.

Our services for patients include (but not limited to):


A) When Working With Our Clinics And Medical Centers:

  1. Facilitating pre-arrival medical consultation.
  2. Facilitating medical invitation to Ukraine.
  3. Airport pickup and transportation.
  4. Organizing hotel reservation, housing and accommodations.
  5. Escorting patient throughout the treatment process and providing translation Services when needed.
  6. Facilitating access to convalescent care during recuperation.
  7. Providing access to medical information supplied by qualified medical third party.
  8. Organizing local tours in Ukraine.
  9. Facilitating health insurance and medical complication insurance.
  10. Facilitating translation of documents, medical analysis, tests, records and etc.
  11. Managing the schedules of medical appointments for tests, treatment and reoccupations.
  12. Organizing medical transportation.
  13. Flight organization.
  14. Organizing transport within host city.

B) Working With Non-Partners

We work with medical service providers that we know and confirmed their experience and expertise as well as facilities compliance with the industry’s highest standards. A client may request us to manage his/her treatment with other medical providers.

When working with none-partners, suggested by client, we provide the following additional services:

  1. General Due-diligence.
  2. Screening of medical centers and clinics.
  3. Confirming qualifications of treating doctor (reputation assessment).
  4. Managing legal agreements.
  5. Managing insurance.


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