Boutonniere Deformity (BD)

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Boutonnière deformity is caused by an injury that happens to the tendons that uncurls the middle joint of your finger. The outcome is that the inability to straighten the middle joint of the harmed finger, while the fingertip twists backwards. Except this condition is dealt with quickly, the deformation may advance, causing lasting disfigurement and limited function.

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Boutonnière deformity is often brought about by a powerful blow to the top (dorsal) area of a twisted (flexed) middle joint of a finger.

It can additionally be as a result of a cut on the finger tip, which can cut the central slip (tendon) from its connection deep down. The tear resembles a buttonhole ("boutonnière" in French). Sometimes, the bone happens to stick out through the opening.

Boutonnière deformities can likewise result from arthritis.

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Indications of boutonnière deformity can grow quickly after an injury happens to the finger or may build up a week to 3 weeks after, these indications are:

• The finger located at the middle joint can't be uncurled and the fingertip can't be twisted.
• Pain and inflammation happen and proceed on the tip of the finger's middle joint.

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Surgical Treatment

Boutonnière deformity must be dealt with on time in order for you to be able to maintain complete finger movement.

Although nonsurgical treatment of boutonnière deformity is favored, surgery is an alternative in some specific conditions, for example, when:

• The distortion is caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
• The tendon is cut off.
• A large piece of bone is dislodged from its original spot.
• The situation isn't helped by splinting.

Surgery can lessen the discomfort and enhance finger function, although it will most likely be unable to completely adjust the condition and make the finger appear ordinary. In case the boutonniere deformity isn't treated over a period of 3 weeks or more, it turns out to be significantly harder to correct.

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