Guyon’s Canal Syndrome (Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome)

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Guyon's canal syndrome otherwise called Handlebar palsy and Ulnar tunnel syndrome, happens when the there is pressure on the ulnar nerve in the wrist. The ulnar nerve is one of three major nerves that gives the hand its feeling and functional ability. It goes from the neck down to the hand, and can be contracted in a few spots along the way.


At the point when the nerve is compressed at the wrist, it results in tingling and deadness of the little finger and the outside of the ring finger. Also, the ulnar tunnel syndrome can at times result in weakness of hand squeeze and grasp of things.

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The most well-known reason for ulnar tunnel syndrome is a tender tissue tumor, often a minor (noncancerous) sore known as a ganglion which starts from the wrist joint.


Other common reasons are recurring trauma or interminable pressure exerted on a specific area of the hand. Recurring trauma can occur from the utilization of a jackhammer. Interminable pressure can happen to a cyclist's hand against the handlebars.

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Side effects manifest slowly. Increasing deadness and weakness, especially on the side of the little finger are common indications of ulnar tunnel syndrome. The level of deadness and weakness is based on the area of compression. Pain could possibly be present or absent.

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Surgical Treatment

Most instances of ulnar tunnel syndrome are as a result of a growth at the wrist area. The outgrowth should be surgically removed. Our accomplished hand reconstruction specialists can get rid of the blisters, scar tissue, or any other reasons for pressure on an outpatient premise.

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Projected Improvements and Recuperation

Immediately the pressure is surgically removed, sensation will return to the hand and the tingling and deadness will diminish. It will take a while for the nerve to re-grow and recuperate totally. Post-operative rehabilitation and activities will be recommended by the surgeon. We often encourage you to finish your first recovery course at our unique facilities.

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