Ataxia Stem Cell Treatment

treating ataxia with stem cell technology

Ataxia refers to a collection of genetic and acquired neurodegenerative conditions mostly related to cerebellum and brain stem. Ataxia is categorized by the absence of parity and coordination, speech disorder, cognitive and swallowing, dysfunctional motor, and influenced fine and gross motor aptitudes. Genetic ataxias are naturally advanced thus leading to persistent relapse, and lots of sufferers end up in a wheelchair after some years.

No known working treatment is available for Ataxia, while rehabilitation and multivitamins are mostly recommended to improve muscle vigour, balance as well as coordination.

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Ataxia Stem Cell Therapy

In the course of the last 10 years, stem cells have broadly been examined as possible choices to supplant neurons that are either dead or damaged so as to re-establish balance and coordination, and mitigate the advancement of the disease. Stem cells have been employed in the treatment of those suffering from Ataxia for more than a decade. As of late, SCAs 1, 2 3 and 6, Friedreich Ataxia and Ataxia brought about by brain damage have likewise been effectively treated.

Mesenchymal stem cells, because of their simple acquisition, bountiful presence, non-rejection capabilities, and their capacity to separate into astrocytes and neural cells, have been chosen as the best option. Mesenchymal stem cells save and treat neurons by discharging growth and neurotrophic variables. In addition, a sensible amount of stem cells separates into astrocytes and neuron which is important in supplanting the dead and damaged neurons. Stem cells likewise fortify the brain's own particular stem cells (known as the resident stem cells) which advance the cell expansion and separation.

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Our earlier treated patients have exhibited impressive improvements in areas like:

→ Balance and coordination

→ Cognitive ability

→ Fine and gross motor abilities

→ Motor function

→ Speech and coordination

→ Inhibited extensive relapse in their conditions

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