Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Treatment

new hope in treating cerebral palsy

The aim of stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy is to limit the damage to cells in the brain, help manage and reduce the symptoms associated with the condition.
The result of stem cell therapy for Cerebral Palsy includes the following:

  1. Enhancing damaged nerve cells protection
  2. Replacing Lost brain cells
  3. Enhancing posture and balance
  4. Enhancing the ability to adjust in social environment
  5. Enhancing mental activities (curiosity, learning, memory)
  6. Enhancing and stabilizing body organs functionality

It is important to note that Cerebral Palsy stem cell treatment is still considered to be in trial stage and such therapy is only experimental. Although it stands as an option in our stem cell medical center, we advise you to use this therapy only to support patient’s wellbeing.

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