Muscular Dystrophy

revolutionary muscular dystrophy treatment with stem cells

Muscular Dystrophies are a collection of genetic, neuromuscular syndrome which includes Fascio-scapulo-humeral Dystrophy (FSHD), Becker's Muscular Dystrophy (BMD), Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD), and Dystonic Dystrophy as some of the most widely recognized kinds.


Muscular dystrophy causes advanced muscle deterioration which altogether influences the motor capacity, balance and coordination. A considerable lot of these patients experience the ill effects of minor symptoms such as respiratory failure and cardiomyopathy.


The present treatment alternatives incorporate corticosteroids and little-to-substantial physiotherapy however the treatment results stay extremely low. Stem cell treatment and gene therapy are two of the most encouraging optional treatment choices for patients suffering from muscular dystrophy.

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How Stem Cell Therapy Can Offer Assistance in The Treatment of Muscular Dystrophy?

Although gene therapy is in its exceptionally tentative exploration stage, major concentration has been on how to use stem cells to hinder the advancement of the condition and to build body mass as well as enhance motor capabilities.


Our facility has effectively treated different kinds of muscular dystrophies by employing a blend of mesenchymal stem cells and rehabilitation. the Mesenchymal stem cells are quite popular for separating into various cell types such as muscle fibres and generally less demanding accomplishment to the affected muscles (through intravenous and intramuscular transplantations) makes muscular dystrophy a major stem cell treatment illness.

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Our earlier treated patients exhibited noteworthy improvements in areas such as:

→ Strength and muscle mass

→ Balance and coordination

→ Motor function

→ Mitigated illness advancement.

Our Doctors will analyze your health records and current state of health before prescribing your personal treatment arrangement.

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