Post Stroke Syndrome

better rehabilitation for post stroke syndrome

The Post Stroke Syndrome is an accumulation of side effects that result after an individual suffers a stroke. These side effects are as a result of the brain injuries sustained due to coagulation in the brain or a cranial haemorrhage. At the point when the blood supply is obstructed by coagulation, a region of the brain dies, and this causes those particular areas not to react any longer. Every area of the brain is in charge of various activities, and you will encounter negative manifestations in the post stroke period for some specific areas influenced by the blood coagulations.


Therefore, the side effects of Post Stroke Syndrome differs generally and is dependent upon the seriousness of the stroke, the side effects can go from mellow to extreme. Contingent upon which region of the cerebrum was impacted by the stroke, you can encounter anything from loss of motion to half your body, to partial visual impairment, to speech disorder. The most well-known indications of Post Stroke Syndrome have a tendency to be the loss of motion to half of the body and one-sided facial drooping. Another side effect, known as aphasia, results in speech disorder and impaired understanding of words. A few individuals may encounter blind spots where part of the eye is influenced.


Treatment for Post Stroke Syndrome is normally steady. Human beings are conceived with just a specific measure of brain cells and when they get to be harmed, sadly, they don't regenerate. Nowadays, medical science hasn't come up with a treatment to re-establish full functionality to patients suffering from post stroke symptoms. In any case, with tenacious recovery programs, a few patients can reacquire some capabilities, although this is reliant on the seriousness of the stroke and the making of new neural pathways in the cerebrum. Speech, physical and word-related treatments are the standard therapy for patients suffering post stroke disorder.

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How Do Stem Cells Help With Post Stroke Syndrome?

Due to the inability of brain cells to regrow, the use of stem cells is an ideal alternative to re-establish capabilities after a stroke. At the point when these stem cells get to the area of brain injury, they can separate into brain cells and start to regenerate. Stem cells aren’t a complete cure for Post Stroke Syndrome, but rather lots of patients have noticed that their side effects diminish after a period of stem cell therapy.

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Help utilizing our facility's stem cell therapy in Ukraine can be accomplished in lots of side effects related to this condition:

→ Reacquire feeling and movement in deadened appendages

→ Clearer speech

→ Improved vitality

→ Ability to make use of paralyzed hands

→ Less occurrence of foot drop

→ Minimized blind spots

→ Better success at writing and reading

→ Reduced pain in deadened appendages

Stem cell therapy provides the avenue to assist with the whole accumulation of side effects brought on by a stroke. In spite of the fact that it isn't exactly a cure, it is a form of treatment that can conceivably reacquire certain capabilities where different therapies might merely support the side effects.

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