Why Travel to Ukraine for Medical Treatment?

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Seeking medical treatment abroad is born out of necessity and pursuit. People needed better treatment; others couldn’t afford its ridiculous high costs in their countries. Whatever your reasons are, choosing Ukraine as your destination for medical tourism, gains you the key to various advantages including:


• Unmatched Affordability

Difference in wages, taxation laws, social economical standards and etc.., brings the costs of treatment in Ukraine (comparing to USA and Western Europe) down by 60-80%.

The same tooth implant procedure that costs you $5000 - $8000 in the USA, while it'll costs you $300 - $650 in Ukraine. The cost includes analysis, the procedure, and materials. While you enjoy local tours!


• State of The Art Private Medical Facilities

While the governmental medical establishments lack many modern equipment and utilities both for diagnostic and treatment, the private sector is its total opposite. You’ll find the same medical equipment made by the biggest names in the industry and used by the doctors, surgeons and dentists in USA, Germany, UK and Japan.


• Highly Qualified Doctors and Medical Specialist

From the moment you send your inquiry to us and until you finish your treatment and follow-up in Ukraine, You are cared for by some of the best doctors in Europe and the world. It is common to be treated and observed by professors and PhD holders in the field of treatment you require. Many of our partners are among the teaching staff of the leading medical universities of Ukraine, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


• Advance Stem Cell Treatment and Research

Ukraine is pioneer in stem cell research. Its treatments have been legalized and practiced in the country for over 20 years. Stem cell applications in treating various conditions have left the trial stages long ago, and where in practice when some aspects of stem cell research itself was a matter of debate in the US. And considering the affordability of the procedure, it is not surprising that many chose Ukraine when considering a stem cell treatment.


• Specialist in Laser Eye surgery and Eye Treatments

Hands down, eye treatment is a Ukrainian speciality. Either in diagnoses, eye surgery or laser eye surgery, Ukraine is well reputable as an international center in the field of Ophthalmology.


• Dental Haven

Imagine getting the best dental care, doing any dental implant, receiving the best dental treatment in your country, with the latest technologies, materials from the leading names in the industry, and no waiting lists at a fraction of the price in your country!

That’s why Ukraine is a dental haven, which you don’t want to miss!


• Global IVF Center

Ukraine is famous for its advance IVF clinics and is the most affordable destination for IVF treatment in Europe. There is no other country in the world to compete with Ukraine in offering better combination of quality and affordability for fertility treatment.


• Surrogacy is legal

Ukraine is of few countries in the world where international surrogacy programs are legal and regulated. Our fertility center take active role in organizing all aspect of this delicate process, and with us on your side, you are assured smooth well-managed process.


• The Chance to Combine Treatment and Pleasure

In 2008 Ukraine ranked 7th among the world most visited countries, for more than only one good reason. The country is a true exciting destination filled with history, art, monuments, tourist attractions, spectacular nature and many hospitable friendly faces. Ukraine is that kind of places with its mysterious charm, if you visit it once, surely you’ll leave it planning your next visit!


• Us!

In Ukraine you’ll have a great ally in the fight for your wellbeing, DVB SP Health and Medical Care is committed to provide you with easy access to quality affordable medical treatment in Ukraine, and ensure you all the help you need before, during and after your treatment. We protect your interest, and surround you with comfort. In Simple words; we care!

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